Room Decoration for first baby

Room Decoration for first baby

Children also like their likes and dislikes. Also about the decoration of your room. Together with a child, give them a new look.

You decorate the whole house with great comfort. But when it comes to the child’s room, you think this is a very heavy job. If you decorate the room together with your beloved, then the work will be easy, and also fun. Apart from this, when both of you decorate the room together, many happy moments will be gathered in the memories of both of you. By taking them along with them in the process of decorating their children in their room, the room will not only stay with the four walls and the roof, but will be the place of your loved ones.

Child art

Children are smart enough to make a collage of photos and they also have fun in this work. You can put this collage on the sloping wall in the frame. Along with this, you can also decorate his painting and various types of artwork on the walls. Many beautiful art children can use the beads, oysters, buttons, etc. Just need them to fill your little help. Children born with the monotonous things of the day will do this by artistic mind. These little things are able to give their room a personal appearance. It will also give your loved ones the freedom to do their own free will.

Impression on walls

These days there is a trend of painting painting on the wall. If seen, professional painter works very beautifully. But you can also give personal touches in it. All you need to do is run the horse of your creativity. Some fun and easy patterns can be made on wet paint through cotton wool, rope and sponge. If desired, the impression of flowers or leaves can be left on the walls. If you wish, it can take help of ABCD, Dummy, Vang a street for or Stencil with geometric patterns. Take the help of the children themselves, in this work itself. Together with your beloved you can turn a plain wall into a personal frame.

Toy decoration

If your loved ones are loved by trains then it is obvious that you have enough toys like this. Why not just punish his room with his toys. In this way, it will also know what things are most loved by them. If your daughter entices dolls and jewelry, then decorate a shelf with these things. Take help of the child in this’ what things he wants to use for decoration. If he is making a corner of his reading then there should be an angle of play.

Children’s Room Decorating in Budget

Her artwork: If your child likes to paint, hang some of her finest paintings in the room. Take a rope for it and hang the pictures on it with a cloth-spreading clip. In this way, you can take a new picture and remove old pictures.
Even stars, in the sixth market, stars in shining stars and planet-starved stickers are found, which look very beautiful at night. Buy them and stick to the room.


You can put a child’s favorite cartoon character sticker on the wall. Good quality stickers are available in the market, which do not mark the wall.


Put a chalkboard on a wall. There the child can do his studies and even if he can make a design and make decorations. Magnetic stomach also started to meet the market these days.

Books on the wall

If your child loves books, why not make a library for him. Make a book shelf on the wall just in case of a lack of space.

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