How to manage In-Laws house

How to manage In-Laws house

Every girl thinks before marriage, how she will manage in her in-laws house. New Family, New Relation, New Environment How to Manage All? How to keep your laws clear? For this you have to do all the work of thinking comfortably. Before doing anything, once thought of this, your new family would not have problems. People will talk to you in love if you are polite.

Don’t share your marital problems with your parents.

One of the biggest mistakes that couples can make is sharing their relationship issues with their respective families. You fix problems in a marriage within a marriage — not by turning away from your partner and toward your parents. You can love your parents and have a rich, active relationship with them without involving them in your marriage. And remember: If you vent to your parents every time you’re angry or hurt, they’ll build a case against your partner. You and your spouse may make up, but your folks will still remember the hurt your spouse has caused you and may hold a grudge.

Have you set boundaries and limits?

Talk to your husband about what your “family values” are going to be. Do you like company stopping by unannounced? Are you OK with visitors camping out on your living room floor for a week? Whatever you and your husband feel is the limit, should be applied to all guests (including the in-laws.)

Eliminate politics from discussion.

Here’s a specific tip that could not be more relevant during this election season: Keep political arguments out of in-law relations. It can be the biggest bomb in the minefield, and the elders say that these conflicts are unnecessary. There is simply no need to attempt to engage your in-laws in political debates or to convert them.

Often, the urge is to make parents-in-law “really understand” what’s going on in society and to show them how irrational or wrong-headed they are politically. I heard many accounts of holiday dinners and family gatherings disrupted by debates over the President, the Congress, abortion, the death penalty, and on and on.

Understand that Emotions Create Tension

For a mother-in-law, a child’s wedding is something she’s been imagining since the child was born—and feelings of anxiety and abandonment are natural as the big day draws near. “That’s why they’re texting you all the time, losing their cool when a plan changes, coming up with a million ideas, pushing for what they think is best”.


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