Know what happens in the body by having sex?

Sex is not just an entertainment, but rather it is an exciting realization. If you get better organisms after sex then what to say? Whatever physical activity you take during sex, the direct effect of your body falls on your body. Sex is also a kind of intense workout. But hardly do you know what changes occur in girls’ body after sex for the first time, let us now tell you what changes are made in women’s body after having sex for the first time. After making physical connection for the first time, there are many major changes in the body of women. This happens due to hormonal changes.

Your periods may be delayed

While it is natural to feel a surge in hormones after sex, and that could disrupt your normal menstrual cycle by a day or two, if the delay is for more than a week then it could be a sign of conception.

If you have had unprotected sex, and you also experience symptoms such as nausea, and headaches, get yourself tested for pregnancy. Any delay in periods can be a cause of concern, so be safe than sorry and use protection.

Prepare for mood swings

If your partner cries after sex or is a mood, make a little better with her. Because after having sex, the hidden emotions come out, after which your partner may become a little bit emotional or they start crying loudly. At that time you have to control their emotions.

Increases IQ

After sex, women’s brain becomes more active. This increases the brain sales, which makes women’s IQ levels better than ever.


Face on face after first time sex

Sex is considered very important to keep  healthy. The effect of sex is more on girls’ body. After sex for the first time, girls seem to be happier than before, but on the other hand, their face also gets refined. Usually we all see that after the marriage, there is a different glow on the whole body, including the face of the girls. In fact, this skin on the skin is due to sex. This is a major change in the appearance of girls in the body of the body for the first time after sex.

Having first time sex nipples are big

First some girls more excitement on sex and cause the flow of breast nipple and blood in the neighboring region (muscular tension) and muscle fast. This verb is called Vasocongestive which makes the nipple more hard, which causes the nipple to grow and during sex, the girl gets extreme pleasure. Nipple is usually more sensitive but when it comes to sex or interacting with a girl, its nipple becomes bigger and harder. Tell you that the nipple also contributes a lot to stimulating girls for sex. Some girls have pain in the nipple after sex for the first time.

Breast changes after sex for the first time

After sex for the first time, girls get the most change in breast. It has been found in a study that for the first time, the nervous system of the body of the girl is more stimulated due to sex, which also increases the activity of the blood vessels and because of this the breast becomes larger. It is commonly found that after sex for the first time, girls’ breast becomes 25% larger than before, and it remains after sex and after sex. However, increasing the size of breast during sex also depends on how much excitement the girl is having.

Vaginal loss occurs after the virginity is lost

When the girl starts to have sex for the first time, she has always kept witness in her vagina. This is a major change in girls after having sex for the first time, which usually affects every girl. The wetness of the girls’ vagina only motivates them to masturbate and stimulates their partner. Although wetness in the vagina is different from every girl. This is completely different from the mood of the monthly menstrual cycle and there is a slight smell which makes the partner’s partner feel more excited during sex.




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