How to get rid of dark circles at home?
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How to get rid of dark circles at home?

How to get rid of dark circles at home?

The skin surrounding your eyes is quite thin and delicate. The appearance of dark circles around the eyes gives the look of a tired and unhealthy being. These dark circles also make one look older than their real age. Since the first signs of ageing start appearing in this region, one needs to focus more seriously on this problem. So, to get rid of dark circles home remedies are a great alternative for its treatment.


The main causes for appearance of dark circles are as follows:

1. Lack of sleep

2. Excessive sun exposure

3. Nasal Allergies

4. Anaemia

5. Atopic dermatitis (eczema)

6. Contact dermatitis

7. Heredity

8. Pigmentation irregularities

9. Scratching or rubbing eyes

10. Skin irritants in makeup products

11. Stress

12. Smoking

13. Long durations in front of computer and laptops

Before moving onto treatment with cosmetic products, one can easily prefer and reduce their appearance with some natural, home remedies. So, some powerful home remedies and tips to get rid of the problem are mentioned below:

1. Cucumber

Thick slices of cucumber naturally heal the puffiness and dark circles around the circles. Placing cold, thick and fresh slices of cucumber helps in reducing swelling. The antioxidants in the cucumber make it beneficial for this problem.

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2. Green Tea

The antioxidants of the green tea bags assist in dilating the blood vessels, thereby reducing the puffiness and water retention of that region. Placing refrigerated green tea bags on the affected parts soothes and lightens your dark circles with regular use over time.

3. Almond oil

The vitamin E content of the almond oil helps in treating fine lines and dark regions around the eyes. A gentle massage with two drops of almond oil after proper makeup removal before bedtime soothes the under eye region relieving the stress. This also allows good blood circulation in that delicate region.

4. Cold compress

Placing ice cubes wrapped in soft cotton cloth over the eyes aid in constricting the blood vessels and this leads to reduced puffiness and lightening of the circles. This method can be done once to twice daily for nearly 2 minutes.

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5. Cold milk

The lactic acid of the milk helps in decreasing the darkness around the eyes. So, placing cotton pads dipped in cold milk for 5 minutes proves a good remedy for dark circles.

6. Sunblock lotions

The harmful rays of the sun tend to darken the region around eyes. So, one must use a proper sun block crème with god spf. Regular use of sunblock not only protects your skin but also prevents fine lines and dark circles around your eyes

7. Rose water

Using cold rose water to rejuvenate your skin is a great remedy for tired and dull looking skin. It soothes and refreshes the dark circles making them less dark with time.

8. Tomato

Massaging some cold tomato juice around your eyes helps in releasing stress. And also, the lycopene in the tomato reverses the skin darkening effect around the eyes.

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9. Potato

The natural bleaching property of the potatoes helps in reducing the darkness around the eyes as well as the under eye bags. Soaking cotton pads in potato juice and then placing them over eyes for nearly 20 minutes is a powerful remedy for this problem.

10. Aloe Vera gel

Gently massaging the regions around your eyes with light movements using aloe vera gel helps in treating dark circles. It also improves the blood circulation and reduces puffiness as the same time.

Dark circles can be treated and one should not take a lot of stress over it. Using any one of the remedies, one can easily treat this problem. One should also look after taking proper 8-9 hours of sleep. Proper hydration and least caffeine intake assists in better management of the dark circles. Along with this, one should also avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages to control the puffiness and other problems.

So, stay hydrated and stress-free to get rid of dark circles.

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