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Does True Love exist?

Does True Love exist?

Does anything like love really exists? In the present scenario of hooks-ups, tinder and other massive dating apps, do people really get into true love? Do you have someone in your life whom you can call your true love?

So, what is actually true love? Almost all of us has at some or the other point of time loved someone truly but then one heartbreak changed everything. But is it fine, to not believe in love and involve in conditional love? A heartbreak or an abusive relationship can help us develop a personality which is against love or which evolved as the one preferring hookups or one night stands. But in the end, everything depends on us, that how and what we want to be.

Yes! It exists.

I strongly believe that true love exists. And it depends on the two human beings and also the success rate depends completely on them. Surely, your parents and friends do have some key role in it but the play is actually decided by the king and the queen. But it does not exist like I just found someone and we made promises to love and live together and forever. Because when we actually start spending time together, what we realize is a whole lot different thing. You get to know his/ her habits, mistakes and other qualities over time.

Compromise and help your partner in improving!

You should not just let someone go because he does that or she eats that. You need to compromise over something if you want to make it work out. But you really need not change his/her behaviour or perception or habits. You can surely help your partner improve for the good. Like, you can help your partner build his career or help him get rid of his drug addiction or take his help in gaining weight for your healthier version. You do such things to grow mutually.

Accept them as they are!

Changing your partner’s behaviour or habits by 360 degrees is an absolute no-no. Because no one is perfect and we as a human being need to understand and accept that. And accepting someone as they are, is be actually defined as love. Otherwise, everyone is free to find someone by simply filtering out some qualities by the various means.

Time tests everything!

The next thing that comes in between love is time. True love does not happen over a single day or two. But it happens over a period of time. A hookup or spending ten days together cannot make you fall in true love. It takes an immense amount of time to fall in love and then more amount of time and days to get into true love. Because these massive dating apps have developed an immunity against love and make you disbelieve in love at the same time. They surely help you in developing great flirting skills and mask yourself for the perfect human being with less of feelings and emotions. I am not against dating apps, but meeting and making out is all under your control.

The best couple for our children!

I and my partner have loved each other truly. Our feelings were genuine and will always remain genuine for each other. The time and universe surely drifted us apart for some time, but we both know the underlying truth about it. And this true love will always stay there in our hearts no matter where we are. If we remain capable enough to prove our true love not just to the world but to the universe, I strongly believe we will definitely be the best couple for our children and our grandchildren. And remember you don’t need to compete with someone for being the best. All you need is to make yourself the best and represent yourself as the perfect or ideal couple to your future generation.

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