Why i sweat too much in summer?

Why i sweat too much in summer?

Our sweat becomes sweaty due to perspiration, which causes pores to close and acne problems in the skin, itching and boils begin to occur.

Sweat in the summer season is common and if the sweat is not cleaned then it increases the risk of rains. In such a situation, to keep the body clean and safe, it is necessary to take special care of the skin in this season by sweating Our skin becomes sticky due to which our pores which release the toxic substances from our body through our skin, they are closed. Haase itching and begin to problems such as boils and pimples


  • Baking soda mixed with water in the bath water is not allergic to the skin after bathing.
  • During the summer season, keep the cotton napkin along with it, so that while cleaning the sweat, the skin does not get rashes, because of the itching, it can be fungus on the rashes.
  • Use green tea for leaving tea and coffee. Complaining of sweating by reducing green tea decreases
  • Drinking excessive amount of water and juice causes less odor in the body. Drink a glass of water in the empty stomach of 500 mg of wheat grass in the morning. The amount of chlorophyll present in it reduces the body odor.
  • Wear light cotton, whatever clothes you wear, sometimes you can sweat it too. So try to wear light fabrics such as cotton. It absorbs moisture.
  • Wear cotton socks and wash them every other day. Also change your shoes on every other day. Keep your wearing shoes for a few hours in the sun’s sun so that the bacteria that flourish can end. Wear sandals to avoid sweating.

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