How to get smooth skin at home without the ingrown hair problem?
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How to get smooth skin at home without the ingrown hair problem?

Everybody loves to flaunt their skin and wear short and sexy dresses during this time of the year especially when the temperature is already above 30 degrees. But we as women tend to worry about a lot of problems before flaunting ourselves. And the most common among them are hairy skin. Although hairy skin isn’t a problem, we mostly prefer going hairless with smooth skin after removing hairs to flaunt those cute shorts or dresses or bikinis.

So, one can easily use any one of the following ways to remove hairs at home and get smooth-shiny and hairless skin: 


You can definitely try waxing at home and it’s not that a tough job. You might need some help from your sisters or friends for the rear parts of your hands and legs. The intensity of pain usually depends on your tolerance and the amount of pressure applied for hair removal.

2. Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams for smooth-hairless skin at home is yet another option available to you. It is a painless and easy job. This option is quite better, especially when are in a hurry.

3. Shaving

The easiest and cheapest method of achieving hairless-smooth skin at home. Also, the least pain-causing after hair removal creams only if you are using the right razor. It gives you hairless skin in the quickest way possible. The magic trick lies in the type of razor you utilise.

But before you move forward to you any of the methods, keep in mind some simple steps to follow for that extra glow. These steps will also assist in getting rid of the ingrown hair problem. Follow these simple steps:

1. Prepare your skin

Do not forget to exfoliate your skin properly to get rid of the dead skin cells. So, this will open your pores and also help in getting rid of the ingrown hairs and bumps developed post-shaving or waxing.

One should make it a habit of regular scrubbing your body to get healthier skin and best scrubbing products can be viewed on this page:

2. Post hair removal moisturize well

Remember to moisturise your skin properly post hair removal as this will maintain the pH balance of your skin and also provide moisture to the pores of the skin. Using coconut oil or baby oil are the best options for such kind of care to your skin, leaving a smooth-shiny skin.

3. Extra care for the sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, try using Aloe Vera gel post waxing or shaving to avoid any kind of irritation and bumps. Either use freshly extracted gel to rub on the body parts or you can also use aloe vera gels available in the market for this purpose.

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4. Avoid deodorants

Try and avoid using deodorants or roll-ons on the newly hair removed area as the chemicals present in them might block your skin pores and may have some side-effects.

5. Use the right kind of product

If you are going to wax, use the right kind and also check the quality of the product before you start using it. This also applies for the hair removal creams. Use the one made for sensitive skin to avoid any problem and go for a patch test to test for any reactivity to the product.

If you are opting for shaving, using a multi-blade razor is better as they are smoother on the skin than skin blade razor.

So, love yourself and don’t restrict yourself from wearing those beautiful-short dresses and bikinis that you have in your wardrobe just because of the hairy skin.

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