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Which Eyebrows suits your face?

If you want to look beautiful, then you should pay attention to your eyebrows, because eyebrows is the most important part of your face which helps you look beautiful. It is imperative for you to make your eyebrows arranging your face as your face will be the same as eyebrows will look good on your face. Whenever someone talks to you, you see the eye of your eyes and eyebrows only. If your eyebrows is attractive, you will automatically get the glance at the glance. People will not even want to see you.

Choosing the Right Eyebrows For Your Face Shape

Round Face- If your face is round, then make high eyebrows, which has more elongation than the middle. Never make round shape eyebrows on a round face. Your eyebrow should be curved. The last part of your eyebrow should move towards the ear.

Oval Face Shape- The oval face is considered to be the best face as the oval face is fully balanced. If your face is oval then you should keep your natural eyebrows.

Square Face Shape- If your face is square, then you should keep the eyebrows in your corner thin and keep the starting eyebrows thick.

The distance of your eyes is also key to creating your perfect brow. Always take this into consideration when deciding where your brows should start and end.

Heart Shaped Face- The girl with such face should keep the spherical eyebrows. Curve should be smooth and should be light.Try not to attack sparse areas with a brow pencil because this will emphasise your forehead.

Oblong/Long Face Shape- If your face is long, then do not give your eyebrows to the circular shape, because this will make your face look taller. Do not make any eyebrows go upstairs. Made straight and flat eyebrows.

For Thick Eyebrows

  1. Olive oil is found in vitamin A and vitamin B which helps hair to grow. You can sleep in the night as well as olive oil. Your eyebrows will thicken it.
  2. Applying coconut oil to lightly heats the growth of eyebrows, you can see the difference in 2 weeks.
  3. The juice of an onion has sulfur in it, which aids in the production of the collagen tissues that are necessary for eyebrow growth.It can also strengthen the hair follicles.
  4. Castor oil is one of the most effective remedies to boost the growth of your eyebrows. It contains protein, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish the hair follicles and promote hair growth.

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