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How to get relief from periods pain?

Why menstrual pain?

It’s very important to get familiar with the pain of periods, why this happens and how to get relief from it. Here you will find the basics of menstrual cycle pain-related information and home remedy to lower the pain.

Research shows that menstrual cycle-related pain is caused by prostaglandins—hormone-like substances that help the uterus contract to shed the uterine lining, also known as the endometrium (2, 3).

Some girls get more pain but some not… this is still a part of the research. But some factors that are associated with more intense pain include:

  1. having a heavy blood flow
  2. too much consumption of acetous/vinegory foods
  3. Low diets
  4. too much consumption of Alcohol
  5. too much consumption of Carbonated beverage
  6. too much consumption of caffiene
  7. being under the age of 20, or just starting your period
  8. having an overproduction of or sensitivity to prostaglandins, a hormone that influences your womb
  9. heavy physical work load

Mood and Behavior change in Periods

Period time on mood swing is normal. This is because hormone fluctuations can seriously impact the brains serotonin levels and consequently rock a woman’s emotional stability.

A woman’s monthly cycle for example, is considered as the physical trigger responsible for offsetting hormone induced mood swings. The sensation occurs because just before a woman’s period, a reduction in estrogen and progesterone affects the brain’s neurotransmitters regulation and causes mood swings.

Home Remedies To Reduce Periods Pain

If pain is unbearable then contact your family doctor for instructions, or use following tips to get relief from periods pain

  1. Massage :If you massage with lightly hot oil at the time of periods, then your period pain is a work. Your blood circulation is faster than massage, which causes your pain to work. You can also relax your stomach with your hands at the time of periods and you will also get relief from this.
  2. Exercise:Exercise is a good way to get relief from pain. If you do 1 hour of exercise everyday, you will not have much problem at the time of periods. Whether you want to do some extra exercises at the time of Periods, there are many exercises which you can do for a period of time.
  3. Yoga: If you want to get relief from periods of pain quickly, then you can do yoga. Yoga will get you relief only in a little while. Side effect of yoga is new and quick recovery is also possible. Light working yoga takes hard work and pain is also quick
  4. Warm water: When I was faced with severe cramps all I did was heat some water in a pan, pour it into a glass and took small sips throughout the day. Warm or hot water helps to increase blood circulation and so improves the flow of the menstrual blood thereby reducing the episodes of cramps and pains. So if you are suffering from heavy periods despite having warm water this could mean that you have to keep changing pads regularly. Another benefit of this remedy is that it helps your body to flush out toxins and keep you hydrated during those days. Hydration is important during those days as you lose too much blood.
  5. Oragasm: some people belilve that oragasm is not a good thing, and in indian culture we belive that haveing oragasm is sin and having it without presance of sexual partner is not socialy acceptable. Many girls belive that before marrige sex is very wrong for health. But Doctor says having oragasm and having sex before marriage is not a sin and it has lots of health benifits eg. antiaging, releife in periods pain, relife in blooding, healthy for mind, low down your stress and a good excersie. You can reasly have oragasm using sex toy vibrater and even your fingers. Always clan your toys and finger before masturbation to avoid infection in your private part.

How to relief in period pain

  1. Pain Killers: Pain is common in periods. You should tolerate as much pain as possible. Why is it not good to take medication in periods? Some people have so much pain that they do not have the medicine without medication. So in such condition you should take the medicine of showing the doctor.
  2. Heating Pads: Applying heat to the tummy to ease menstrual cramps is advice women have passed down through the generations – and for good reason. We always said to one another, “It’s one of the best ways to stop menstrual cramps fast”
  3. Chamomile Tea: There are various home remedies you can try to get some relief from menstrual pain, and one such remedy is Chamomile tea  Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects that relax your muscles and relieves you from menstrual cramps. It also has sedative and anti-anxiety effects that calm your nerves and offer immediate relief from pain. The study ‘Effect of Medicinal Herbs on Primary Dysmenorrhoea- a Systematic Review’ was published in the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research : IJPR.
  4. Green Tea: reen tea is packed with powerful antioxidants along with tannins and little amount of caffeine. The tea is known to prevent heart disease, aid in weight loss and prevent cancer. However, tannins present in green tea are polyphenolic compounds that bind to iron, preventing it from getting absorbed by the body. According to Deepshikha Agarwal, sports nutritionist and dietician, Mumbai, ‘Drinking green tea during menstruation can have a slightly negative effect on the iron levels in the body.
  5. Yogurt: Yogurt contains live and active cultures of bacteria that promote a healthy digestion. Yogurt is also a good source of calcium, and getting twice as much calcium as an average women consumes on a daily basis. According to James G. Penland, Ph.D., a psychologist at the Department of Agriculture. However, since meat and dairy products contain arachidonic acids, which increase the production of cramp-causing prostaglandins, women may prefer to choose nondairy forms of calcium such as broccoli, kale, canned salmon with bones and calcium-fortified foods like cereals and juices.

Is having Sex is safe in Periods?

“Sex is a normal part of life and should be enjoyed by all women,” says Doctors

“Basically, ensuring you have good contraception and STI (sexually transmitted infection) prevention throughout the menstrual cycle should make it even more safe and enjoyable.”

Unless a person uses birth control or has a same-sex partner, there is also a risk of pregnancy when having sex during menstruation.

If you thing that sex is dangours in your period then you are wrong.In periods sex can prevent infactions and relefie form periods pain.It also helps you in less blooding.

Low cost pads available in market for safe periods.

Today, there are many types of pads available in the market . Most of the company makes a kind of pad. Today the Pad is made in the agency by the poor women. These pads are comfortable and easily provide  in the market. And these pads are also available cheap.

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