7 Benefits of hugging

A hug is basically holding someone in your arms for warmth, love and affection. Studies have proved the importance of hugging your loved ones not only for your physical and emotional health but also for the bond between two people.

Here are seven pretty good reasons to hug your near and dear ones:

  1. Works to lower down your stress

Hugging helps to reduce stress and stress-related issues by reducing the levels of stress hormone, i.e., cortisol levels. Not just that it also assists in lowering stress-induced- blood pressure and also improves heart rate. So, lowering in cortisol levels by regular hugs help you to lower your risk of heart diseases also.

  1. Works on improving your physical health

Love hormone or Oxytocin tends to increase during the act of hugging. This increase in oxytocin levels causes ease in depression, anger and anxiety. It regulates the flow of happiness thereby reducing stress. In a study on fears and self-esteem, the research revealed that hugs and touch significantly reduce the worry of mortality. A cascade of health benefits is turned on by the release of oxytocin.

  1. Works on reducing your physical pain

The act of hugging has an analgesic effect on pains. It relieves pain either by blocking pain pathways through the release of endorphins or by removing pain peptides through improved blood circulation. So, hugs act as a natural love-induced pain-killers.

  1. Works on strengthening your immunity

Various studies have found that the exchange of hugs reduces your susceptibility to common colds. The warmth shared during a hug tends to protect your immune system and wards off stress. Researchers found that people who received more hugs experienced less severe illness symptoms than those who didn’t receive as many. Also, Hugging activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, which stimulates your production of white blood cells through thymus gland.

  1. Better form of communication for your feelings

Sometimes, words cannot express our feelings in a powerful way but actions do. In such cases, hugging is one of the nurturing non-verbal acts which will not only build trust but also provides a sense of safety. Not just that, if you feel language is a barrier just try hugging you will surely feel the connection and care.

  1. Boosts confidence and mood.

Ever felt nervous at a competition, try hugging your parent or friend. Elevated levels of oxytocin and serotonin during the exchange of hugs, tends to boost your confidences and fights nervousness. Sharing hugs lead to the relaxation of muscles and improved circulation.

  1. Combats the feeling of loneliness.

The release of oxytocin by hug can help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness by helping you feel connected and trust other people. Hugs teach us how giving and sharing works making us more social with our loved ones. Hugs educate us how love flows both ways.

Thus, make numerous small investments by giving hugs to your loved ones that may be your parents, siblings, friends, pets or romantic partner and achieve better future benefits. These small investments will not only nurture your relationship but also heal the soul and strengthen the bond shared between people. So, just go and have a 10-second hug and let it work like a magical-pill.


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