Scrubbing refers to the process of exfoliation in order to remove the dead skin cells and dirt from the uppermost layer of the skin. So, the skin care product used for scrubbing is called Scrub. Scrubs can be either face scrub which is formulated especially for face or body scrub is the one used for the whole body.

How often one should scrub?

One should exfoliate or scrub the face and body at least twice weekly as our skin sheds 50,000 cells every day. Also, one should avoid face or body scrubbing on consecutive days. One should remain very careful while selecting the scrub and the frequency of using it. Just like cleansing, toning, scrubbing also holds an important place in our beauty regime.

Advantages of body and face scrubbing:

1.  Rejuvenation of the skin

Regular scrubbing causes the elimination of dead skin cells, dirt and impurities from your skin. Your skin feels rejuvenated and fresh as it also unclogs your pore.

2. Deals with flaky skin

Flaky skin arises as a result of deposition of dead skin cells and also imparts dry patches over time. So, scrubbing will also help you to get rid of the flaky skin.

3. Removes dead skin

Since scrubbing is an exfoliation process, the beads or the granules of the scrub upon cleansing and massaging removes the dead cells of the skin. Removal of the dead skin assists in repair of the skin as well.

4. Imparts glow to the skin

Dead skin cells imparts dullness to your skin. So, scrubbing your face and body regularly gives it a nice glow and adds brightness to it as well.

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5. Removes scar

Every ingredient in your scrub formulation has their own property. Therefore, applying scrub rich in vitamin E & C helps in lightening of the scars and dark patches over time.

6. Smooth and soft skin

Skin gets soft and smooth texture post scrubbing and this is because impurities are cleansed deeply from the skin.

7. Sun tan removal

Regular scrubbing of the face and body assists in removing tanning caused due to the harmful rays of the sun. Active ingredients like lemon, tomato, curd in the scrub are great in dealing with suntan.

8. Increases blood circulation

Face and body scrubs usually have granules or beads that gently cleanse and scrub your face. The gentle massages offered during scrubbing improves your blood circulation also.

Disadvantages of scrubbing:

1. Hard scrubbing motions and hard scrubbing chemicals may cause skin irritation including redness, inflammation. If you have a sensitive skin one can also have allergic reactions to the chemicals present in the synthetic scrubs as well.

2. Over scrubbing can result in open pores which are exposed to pollution and UV rays at the same time. It also leaves your skin more prone to infections and tanning.

3. Proper moisturizing post scrubbing leaves your pores open and the dirt settles on them easily. This makes your skin more prone to acne due to bacterial growth in the dirt. And also, it leaves your skin dry.

Advantages and disadvantages of face and body scrubbing

Recipe for natural scrubs:

1. Mix 1 tablespoon of gram flour with 1 spoon of lemon juice and curd. Apply this mixture on your face using gentle circular motions. One can also use this mixture as body scrub.

2. Mix 1 tablespoon of gram flour, 1 spoon of brown sugar, organic coconut oil and two drops of tea tree oil. This mixture is very helpful for acne prone skin.

3. Mixture of 1 spoon of brown sugar and lemon juice works wonderful for scrubbing your lips.


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