Are you lazy?....... to have this makeup for you

Are you lazy?……. to have this makeup for you

Wash with cold water

Immediately after rising in the morning, wash your face with cold water, Yati. Is the best way to increase. Vonic Chief stylist Bhav Chawla in Com says that this will not only keep moisture in your skin but will also tighten your open limbs. This will not even cause nail – acne.

Style your own hair

Wash your hair one night before. Then tie them down. Make a peak for easy tomorrow, or for a curly person.

Foot Treatment While Sleeping

Use the Vaseline or Peppermint Moisturizer on the feet. Sleep with socks. When the feet rise, the feet will be soft and soft.

Hide Chipping Manicure

Hide its emerging parts rather than the lengthy process of manicure removal. For this, you have to make glitter-shed effects from nails. It’s creative and looks good. Contrasting colors can also be played.

Become a friendly with dry shampoo.

For those girls who say that I do not want to wake up early in the morning. Dry shampoo pulls Greece very well from your hair. Spray it on the hair roots and it just got to work.

Use make-up removal Wipes

Wipes are easier than remover to remove makeup. Keep them near the bed. It makes it easier to remove makeup before sleeping.

Cool look will make eye makeup

To further enhance the beauty of the eyes, it is better to make eye makeup according to trend. By the way, mascara and eyeliner, made with eye-shaped eyes, make a great amount of beauty.

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