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Fashion in this Manson

With rain showers both mind and woman become cheerful. Fit came. Why do you feel sad by compromising style and how do you look stylish in the rain?

Monsoon looks completely active these days with drizzle. Every season brings some benefits to you with some losses. Rainy season also brings some problems for fashionists. The ever-raining rain and subsequent humidity often gets out of tolerance. This is the reason that after the rains the viscosity of the moisture in the air increases, and you have to compromise from your makeup to the clothes. However, this year will not come like this, because with just a few small precautions, you will be able to look stylish in the monsoon. First to face the mud in rainy season

Stay away from the surrounded salwar or long skirt
Our feet have to do only. To keep the cloth away from mud, keep your favorite Patiala Salwar and surrounded long skirt for a few days in the cupboard. Sear, capri or crop pants are a great option in this season. In this you will feel stylish and not even compromise with ease.

Keep Fitting Special

Suppose you look very beautiful in your crisp fit short dress, but in the rain, she The tight fit dress can make you uncomfortable. Tight clothes become weird after being wet, and also become very convenient. It is better to wear some loose clothes in the rain. That is, if they get wet, they also get pleasure in the air quickly. But loose more than necessary. They will not be wearing clothes or they will be at risk of getting dirty and they will take too much time to dry.

Colors come in wardroom

Light and gentle colors in the scorching heat are very pleasurable to the eyes, but the rainy weather was just as light colors began to lose their beauty. Especially like white, cream and beige Do not wear colors in the rain at all. The clothes of these colors get dirty quickly and in the rain, these colors seem very monotonous. Actually, the rainy season is a symbol of joy and enthusiasm. In this season, the radiant colors appear blooming. You can also see Sunshine Yellow, Bright Pink, Indigo and Maginta green color in the rainy season this time in your wardrobes. Everyone’s eyes will tie you on.

Did you pay attention to footwear?

Now, how can you walk in your high heel sandal in the rainy season means to wear high heels in the water deposited on the road and mud in the mud, call the accident yourself. It is wise to wear flats in the rainy season because their grip is also good in water. Canvas shoes should not be worn too, because after soaking it dries in a lot of time. Nowadays, there are gorgeous flat sandals, slippers and belly shoes in the market, whose colors are also very attractive. Take care of one thing and do not forget to forget the leather footwear in the rainy season, because the water gets worse with water. Sandal water made of rubber and pvc So use them. They are not bad and feet are safe,

Choose accessories carefully

In this season the air becomes very humid, so do not wear silver or any artificial metal jewelery. In fact, some women’s skin is very sensitive, so when the metal comes in contact with moisture, it starts to get black and it also starts to rash or itching on the skin. The same thing also applies to your handbag. In this season, instead of leather’s stylish handbags, use such bags that are not too bad even when wet. Also, keep these things in mind during the rainy season:
• Put together a pair of clothes in a waterproof bag, so that if you get wet you can change clothes.
• Do not leave hair open during the rainy season, make water while leaving. Avoid making too complex hairstyles. Also, do not make any mistake to keep wet hair tied. By doing so hair will start to smell.
• Do not use shoes and hand bags made of Nude (a type of leather) in the rainy season. When wet looks.

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