How to Propose Your partner on This Propose Day

How to Propose Your partner on This Propose Day

If you like someone, do not think too much and tell this matter about your heart on this Propose Day. You will not get more chance than Propose Day. We want to tell you something different from your heart so that he remembers his whole life, we will help you in this. Let us tell you some ways to propose how you use your footwear.

Banner proposal

If you can’t express your feeling or you are afraid of rejection then you can use banner for proposing a girl. You can get a banner prepared with the word ‘I Love You’ and have it displayed outside her house or in the workplace. Nowadays, you can also send the banner or image through social media like WhatsApp. But it is advised that you do not use her real name on the banner, but use the endearment that you generally use to call her. Try this way only when you are sure that she is not going to reject your proposal.

Take her out to dinner to a nice place and make her feel special

Get some of her favourite tracks played there and order something exquisite and then ask her out. Going out, you can tell your own story of your heart alone. You will not have any disturbers there.


This is another clever but sweet route to ask the girl of your dreams. Either use an old favorite T-shirt or buy a new one and get the words “I love you!” printed on it.

To make your Propose Day a spoil, you can also give some gifts to your partner so that they can remember you

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