PEECURE Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil For Skin,Acne & Hair For Men & Women

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  • Tea tree oil helps to removes dandruff.improves dry scalp,fights lice,Rids cold sores, and warts,Treats nail Fungus.Athletes Foot and Ringwarm,alleviates skin infection,Calms itching,Treat cuts,scrapes & wounds
  • Relives ear aches,Psoriasis and Eczema,Fights acne,Removes scars,Tighten Pores,Removes blackheads and dirt pollution
  • This is best beauty products for women,use as makeup remover,you can mix with hair shampoo works as hair growth shampoo results in removing hair fall treatment,applu directly on hair use as hair serum,hair conditioner
  • GET QUICK RELIEF OF ITCHY, CRACKED, INFLAMED, SORE, AND IRRITATED SKIN. Provides immediate relief to insect bites, itchy spots, saddle sores, diaper rash, jock itch, razor burn, split cracked cuticles, severely chapped lips, baby eczema, psoriasis, mild burns, and dry skin with a fresh, clean citrus scent. A MUST HAVE in your bathroom, purse, first aid kit, and office drawer!
  • 100% ALL NATURAL and effective formula contains anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties to relieve the itching and irritation on hands, fingernails, feet, heels, toenails, scalp, and essentially any other irritated part of the body. Great for massaging tired, dry feet and offers cool relief after waxing. Effective against athlete’s feet and works as a great cuticle oil.


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