The traditional look Adopt them?

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The traditional look Adopt them?

What to wear Would it look good on the occasion of the festival? When you are prepared, do you also get into such questions? If, yes, then you definitely need to add some things to your wardrobe. what?

There are many occasions like office, college, party, festival, where you need a comfortable and stylish look for yourself. In such a case, standing in front of the cupboard often raises the question that what should I wear? This question is too lazy. For every occasion, different collections are heavy on both your pocket and wardrobe. Therefore, it is important that you place some dresses in your collection which can make you fit for every opportunity. it is a fact that modern garments have come into the main role in the wardrobe due to the comfort of today’s professional and fortunate life, but traditional Indian apparel can not be ignored. In such a way, becoming a part of the wardrobes, you can quickly get a traditional look from Western.

Blouse Will Show

It may not be the case of Indian wardrobes and there is no sari in it. However, the appearance of today’s sari has changed. There are plenty of experiments with sari’s blouse. In such a way, make the traditional golden, silver-flavored blouse a part of your wardrobe. These can become sari from your mango. Heavy skirts and scarf with golden, silver-flavored blouses will give you the look of a lizard.

Leggings will fit on every occasion

Leggings are full of Hermes. Add black and white leggings to your wardrobe by closing the eye. You can use them with many colors. Plus you can also use some common colors that will go in most of your costumes. You can wear ankle length leggings with long curtains of tunic, short curtains, embrylla cut. At the same time, the normal length. You can wear any kurta with leggings.

Pakajiko coming to Pakistani ankles

The Pakistani pajamasake stylish eyes can make a part of your wardrobe. Long kurtas are sweet. Surely this duo will give you a great stylish look with this and the couples, coupled with this coupe.

Kolhapuri slippers or socks will shake.

If both are traditional look and comfort, please include Kolhapuri slippers or socks in your wardrobes too. You can use them every day and wear them and become the party’s glory too. Their long-range designer range will make every opportunity beautiful. You can wear this footwear with beautiful designs and colors, with salwar kameez, ethnic skirt and leggings.

Patiala Salwar will give special look

It is such an apparel that you can wear in the festival festival as well as wear the office. A soft-colored patiala salwar is an easy solution to the problem of choice of your clothes every day. You can wear it with a long shirt or a short curtain.

Skirt goods in festival

Incorporate the skirt or long skirt in your wardrobe. It keeps you from decorating a very beautiful ethnic look. For a beautiful look you can wear it with a cotton or silk sleeveless top. Along with the big neck kurtas and matching accessories, it will also spoil you. You can also use long stalls with skirts. This will make you look four-moon.

Clutch to include

Can help with the classic clutch to enhance its beauty. This clutch party, outing, family events, etc. will add to your style on occasions. While choosing a clutch, please note that there should be money, cards and mobile phones. Silver Jewelry in Your Collection of Silver Jewelry is also important presence is therefore necessary because it can enhance your look magically. A beautiful collection of jewelry will not only decorate you with an ethnic look, but also enhance your beauty.

There is a heavy scarf. Please charge that you have a heavy embroidered or patchwork scarf. So you can dress up in an Indian ethnic look without any effort. As you put a heavy embroidered scarf on the neutral color kurta of Shruti, Linen, Khadi Silk, your style changes as soon as you wake up. This coupling will give you traditional look as well as Modern Touch. You can also take this scarf on spaghetti top with haram pants. This scarf can fill in a very simple sari. Dupatta can be used as shawl on sari.

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